The Ladies Touch

I find the more I talk to men the more I see the importance of a lady in a man’s life. A true lady has much to offer particularly the masculine man. There is a certain softness, surety, and peace that comes from the presence of a lady.

A soft voice, a piece of beauty, smooth skin, and a warm meal do much to change the everyday demeanor. An acquaintance that I recently saw had me in mind of what has changed him. His complexion has changed, his smile gone, and his spark that made him interesting has gone out. I spoke to him after a prolonged period of absence and was taken aback by these changes. A deep conversation later and I found he has divorced and is now single. The effects are clear that this was not for his betterment. He has become cold and gruff. I hear in his voice how he speaks to his children differently and I see half of a person. This is a clear pattern I have seen throughout my life.

This is what is lacking in him. It is not his better half but his other half. Unbalanced masculinity leads to a person lacking in polish and spark. There is a void that is filled with mindless pursuits, coarse language, and an inexplicable abyss that is seen in the eyes. He would tell you that a woman did this to him.

Perhaps the wrong type of woman did, but it may have also been that he was the wrong type of man.  My father never wanted me to marry. He believed that men were better without wives. He taught that they were a drain on finances and emotions and should be changed regularly to remain fresh. My grandfather, filled with many positive attributes, taught me to never trust women or let a woman control you. He obviously felt controlled and suppressed and did not act gentlemanly to his wife. This is always been the one area where I felt he failed in teaching.

I have learned that there are various types of women in the world. A girl of female essence who has submission, grace, beauty, and household knowledge is of immense support. Ideally a woman with a wild spark can also keep a man feeling young on long days. One with proper etiquette and ways is a rarity in these times. A lady is a dying breed having been replaced with special interests in the my generation.  My own wife changed my grandfather’s outlook in his last chapter in life.  I wonder if this led the way to the changes I see him.  He has softened greatly with the company of women and has found happiness again.

Any person is free to choose however they will be, but a gentleman craves the presence of a lady and is only completed by finding his counterpart. This is what I hope for my sons. I want them to bring home ladies that will give rise to the next generation for this family I have worked hard to make strong, wealthy, educated, and happy. I hope they know my kind of happiness.

– Savage


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