A Savage Gentleman

The Savage Gentleman is how I describe my identity, which is divided but encompassing between my nature and long held beliefs in the proper content of a man. In deciding how to start, I have always felt the first sentence sets the tone for everything which will follow. Here, the first post will describe the essential elements of what make me.

The Savage is my Id and the reactor for that which drives me. A certain edge is required to sustain a content mind in life. I need control especially in the face of chaos or that which cannot be controlled. There is a draw to combat since I was a child. First watching the Karate Kid made me want to have power to influence another.

Sure the protagonist had draw, but the antagonist was my inspiration.  A certain badness has allure. The power to control others. One needs money, skill, and strength. I am a Physician, practiced multiple martial sports, and have a penchant for body building. These things inspire me for a certain life force.  The Savage is drawn to villains and away from living apologetically. Hedonism is a required freedom for fulfillment in life.

The Gentleman was inspired through multiple figures in my life starting with my grandfather and taking many forms including favorite authors and finally a study of what men once were. A reserved man than has proper manners, ethics, and presence is a life goal. It begins with a grandfather that was truly a part of the greatest generation. I also sought to become the antithesis to my father who was not a gentleman; yet, I found value in him in later years as an essential component of growth. Likewise authors such as Dan Millman and Suzuki assisted in taming my anger and restlessness.  There was a great race to become a gentleman as I had a son that forced my evolution to be the father that I would want. Likewise I finally wished to fulfill my place as husband and leader of my family.


Some of my beliefs and ways are unorthodox and old fashioned. Some are progressive and found only on the fringes of society. Integration of all parts of my personality is a long term goal as I embrace my Savage and Gentleman.

– Savage


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